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Values, Education, and the American Dream

David’s parents instilled in him the values he lives by today by their strong example, religious instruction, and participation in Boys Scouts of America. They taught David the importance of a strong education, giving back to the community, and knowing that everyone deserves the chance to succeed.  

His father, Harvey, was the first in his family to attend college, using GI Bill benefits earned serving in the U.S. Army Infantry in Germany during World War II. David followed in his footsteps, graduating from his father’s alma mater, Temple University, with a degree in political science.

In 2009, David earned his Master’s in Public Administration from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. David’s educational experiences have formed his deep commitment to quality public education and affordable access to higher education for all Americans.

Public education and affordable higher education are critical to ensuring the success and prosperity of all, allowing us to get ahead and stay ahead.

Community Service and Giving Back

David’s worked his entire career to solve problems for families and his community. He helped advance mental health policy for at-risk patients as Deputy Director of the California Association of Social Rehabilitation Agencies.

He stood up for the middle class as President of the United Way of Greater White Plains, New York. David spent over a decade giving back to young people though YMCA Youth & Government programs, helping train high school students in all facets of state government. He helped Massachusetts residents gain access to quality healthcare and safe, affordable housing.

Calling Naples Home

David and his wife Streeter are partners in a financial planning practice in Naples, Florida, serving as financial advisors to families around the country who trust them with investment and retirement planning.

Like many of their neighbors, David and Streeter made Naples their permanent home to be closer to family and enjoy the biking, swimming and long walks on the pristine Gulf beaches that the district offers. A big part of David’s motivation in running for Congress is to ensure that our clean water and clean air remain a hallmark of Florida.

Getting Results for Florida in Congress

Today, David’s running for Congress because our area deserves results—not empty promises. In Congress, he’ll work with both parties—not play partisan politics—to solve problems and get the results that matter to families so that every Floridian can get ahead and stay ahead. 

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