Why David's Running

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Republican politicians say that all a person needs to succeed is self-effort and faith. They’re almost right, but they’re missing a critical piece: the power of community. A community sprang up around David when he began his recovery from alcoholism.

Seventeen years ago, David Holden hit rock bottom. He was homeless, suffering, and alone. David finally realized that he couldn’t change by good intentions alone. It was then that he understood that he needed the help of others to become the person he was meant to be. David met friends and mentors who helped him get a job on a ferry boat, hauling luggage and cleaning up after passengers.

Early in his recovery, David had a spiritual awakening that has become the foundation of his life. David believes that “faith without works is dead.” His faith saved his life and inspires him to work for others and to convey a message of hope: together we can solve the problems that cannot be solved alone.

In our country, too many people are scared, suffering, and isolated-and they don’t realize that their neighbors feel the same way. Democrat, Republican or Independent – we in Southwest Florida are a community that needs to come together to solve the critical issues of our time.

We are not going to bootstrap our way out of crushing healthcare costs, polluted waterways, and the gutting of social security and medicare.

David lives by the words “clean house, trust God, help others.” David will fight the corruption that has been destroying our community’s ability to govern itself. He will lead by example, stand up for what he believes is right, and give people the tools to build a better life for themselves and their community.